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No Zantac chunks?

Late breaking news - the inspirational Blogjam has produced a recipe for Pepto-Bismol ice cream! Complete with pictures! The man's a genius.

Blogjam's recipe seems to have gathered a bit of momentum, and even made it onto Fark a few days ago. But one of the comments on his original post contains another dark gem: the Peptron. For when you absolutly [sic], positively have to stay off the wagon the next morning:

The Peptron

1 measure Pepto-Bismol
1 measure Absolut citron vodka

Mix Pepto-Bismol and vodka in a cocktail shaker with a good amount of crushed ice. Take a long hard look in the mirror. Serve with a twist of lemon in a highball glass.

Courtesy (allegedly) of the ex-owner of Sparky's Ale House
in Brooklyn NY. Sparky's is, apparently, now closed. Or maybe it's just sleeping in this morning. Image of Pepto-Bismol ice cream licensed from Blogjam.


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